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Making digital our business...

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How do we like to work?

We believe passionately in the ability of digital to create an alternative way of doing business. We work flexibly to fit our business around our busy lives and families, and so if it means staying up until midnight to finish a brief so that we can head off to our children's school play the next day, then so be it.

We're informal but informed, relaxed but professional. We're constantly striving to create the best work we possibly can, and we look forward to the opportunity of hearing how we can help you.

Caroline John


I've been working in digital for (cough) 15 years, helping a variety of brands both big and small with product development, social media, digital publishing and commercial strategy. 

My areas of expertise include digital product development, digital publishing practice, social media strategy and user experience.

I am also passionate about bringing cost-effective digital solutions to small businesses. Having been personally involved in a number of small businesses, I'm extremely aware of how crucial it is that digital marketing services provide a decent ROI.

Finally as a mum of three, I'm a great advocate of flexible working and how important it is to provide an environment where professional women can work around school and nursery hours. I'm always delighted to discuss opportunities with companies seeking part-time expertise in a digital capacity, so please do feel free to get in touch.



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